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News Release

25th August 2004


Two and a half years after Michael Fabricant teamed up with Labour MP, Bob Blizzard, to empower councils to crack down on dog owners who allow their pets to foul public areas, Lichfield District Council is launching a campaign against such public nuisances. Michael Fabricant says "Dog fouling is not just unsightly, it can cause blindness in children who play in grass polluted by dog faeces. Every day, over a 1,000 tons of dog poo are deposited on our nation's streets and public areas. It's not the dogs' fault; it's their owners who selfishly don't clear up afterwards."

Lichfield District's campaign is being supported by HomeZone, Lichfield City Council, and Burntwood Town Council. There will be a poster campaign. "But if anyone spots a pet owner who consistently allows their dog to foul public areas, they should report it to the District Council immediately by calling 01543 308999" adds Michael.

The Bill to allow councils to collect fines for use against dog foulers was first discussed in Parliament on Tuesday 14th January 2002. The news release can be found here.

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